Wafer Ovens

All kinds of cream-filled flat and hollow wafers are produced on semi- or fully automatic production lines. After mixing, the batter is poured onto baking plates and baked to wafer sheets.

Depending on the desired capacity, the electrically or gas-heated baking ovens are equipped with 12 to 176 baking plate pairs. The hot wafer sheets are cooled down to room temperature and transferred to the spreading machine, which applies cream onto them and sandwiches them to wafer books.

In case of chocolate-coated products, the wafer sheets are enriched with moisture (“conditioned”) to prevent later cracking of the chocolate coat.

After cooling, the finished cream-filled wafer books are processed to wafer fingers in the cutting machine. Finally, the wafer fingers are transferred to a packaging machine or a chocolate enrober.

Possible Products:

  • Flat wafers without chocolate coat
  • Chocolate-coated flat wafers
  • Hollow wafers without chocolate coat
  • Chocolate-coated hollow wafers

Hollow Wafer Sticks

Batter strips with a high sugar content (40-70%) are poured onto a rotating heated baking ring. After baking, stripping knives release the flexible dough bands, which are then wound around mandrels to form wafer sticks.

The sticks are cut to the desired length and move via a chute or a stick elevator to a collecting belt.

Additional devices such as pressing belts, pillow stick crimpers, cream filling units or the double pouring device allow numerous value-added variations of the simple standard wafer stick.

Wafer rolls are produced on specially developed automatic baking ovens. The batter is poured at the oven head onto the lower plates of heated baking plate pairs. Then, the baking plates close and travel through the oven. After one turn, the baking plates open again at the oven head.

Rotating arms take off the products and transfer them into a rolling device where the wafer sheets are shaped to rolls between two conveyor belts. Afterwards, the products are cut to the desired length in a cutting station.

Possible products:

  • Wafer rolls

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