Chocolate Liquefying


  • Addition of final fat and emulsifier for masses with higher fat content (e.g. bread spreads, coatings)
  • High shaft speed for excellent liquefying


  • Exact dosing of fat and emulsifiers to ensure end product quality and save money
  • Fast and efficient homogenization of the mass
  • Low energy input to avoid unpleasant flavor development
  • Tailor made lower flow properties to perfectly fit downstream processes


  • Fixed vessel temperature on 45°C (according to warm water of factory)
  • Special designed liquefying tool
  • Ventilation system to lowering moisture and stripping of undesired volatiles

ShearMix S Liq
for efficient liquefying

  • High shearing action, resulting in immediate liquefaction of the flakes.
  • Uniquely high discharge degree thanks to single shaft design and to forced product movement towards discharge spout.
  • Constant product temperature throughout the entire liquefaction process.
  • High throughput line rates with two liquefiers in- stalled thanks to tandem operation principle (loading & liquefaction in one liquefier, discharging from the other liquefier).

Bühler / Bühler Chocolate

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