Thermo Form Tub Fill & Seal

All-round competence from the inventor of “Form-Fill-Seal” (FFS) technology, offering maximum flexibility, reliability and quality. FFS machines for cups and small bottles, aseptic processes and extreme variety of shapes bring clear competitive advantages for the customer.

IMA Dairy & Food manufactures form, fill and seal (FFS) packaging machinery to the highest demands from the customer and their product requirements such as high capacity, high efficiency, flexibility and environmental aspects.

The EF form, fill and seal machines are designed to fill a wide range of pasty to liquid products at different outputs and hygiene levels such as clean, ultra clean and aseptic.

More than 2,000 FFS machines have been delivered to many of the world’s leading dairy and food manufacturers.  Every day billions of cups are formed, filled and sealed by EF thermoforming machines

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Up to 60% savings in packaging materials
  • Highest levels of hygiene
  • Minimized working floor space requirements due to compact machine design
  • A wide range of possible applications, packaging shapes and materials
  • Multipacks of 2, 4, 6, etc. cups
  • State of the art labelling options for an attractive product presentation

Open Mould FFS

In addition to the standard technology for filling and sealing thermoformed cups, IMA Dairy & Food has developed an open mould form fill and seal system that offers new options for innovative thermoformed shapes, with or without labelling.

Ongoing technological development focuses on the reduction of scrap waste material and simpler easier recycling, which leads to remarkable cost advantages regarding material, transportation and storage.

IMA Dairy & Food-Formseal can assist in the design of new packages. Research and design of innovative new cup shapes are simulated in a 3D.

State of the art labelling options for an attractive product presentation

IMA Dairy & Food stands for the development and construction of high-quality “Form, Fill and Seal Machines (FFS)” – primarily for dairy and food products. From dual cavity cups to stick packs – many innovations for user-oriented solutions have their origins at OYSTAR Hassia.

Form Fill Seal

IMA Dairy & Food manufactures form, fill and seal packaging machinery that offer tailor-made technical solutions for highly sensitive products, products for expanded distribution, and products requiring extended shelf life (ESL) and Aseptically Packed.

The THM machine model offers efficient, well thought-out technology such as optimized format widths, shorter draw-off-lengths and high cycle speeds to ensure economical and profitable production runs.

Inline labelling systems allow for different cup shapes and configurations to be formed that attract consumers by its appearance, pricing, and easy handling.

TAR Hassia cup form, fill and seal machine.

  • Different cup shapes and configurations (e.g. dual cavity cups)
  • The ability to process packaging materials which can be recycle
  • Advanced forming, sealing and punching technology
  • Servo technology
  • Labelling systems to decorate cups on all sides (shrink wrap, wrap around, spot)
  • Optimum dosing accuracy and quality
  • Safe packaging to ensure that the product quality is maintained
  • Extended shelf life (ESL)
  • Compact construction combined with exclusive, reliable construction elements
  • Output performance up to 40 cycles per minute
  • Complete system concepts, from product mixing to end-of-line packaging systems

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