Sandwiching Machines – Biscuit

The HMH depositor and the HMH capper system is a result of an exclusive joint-venture cooperation of two companies with a proven track record in their particular field of operation.

Sandwiching Machine

The machines of the SWM series are used for the production of all kinds of cream-filled biscuit sandwiches. The biscuits may be round, rectangular or square with a diameter or a length of 35-65 mm.

SWM – Technical Data

  • Robust design, 24-hour-operation possible
  • Independent frequency-controlled drive or driven by packaging machine
  • Biscuits fed by gravity, chain feeder or by vibration
  • Spreading head with integrated cream supply or separate cream tank with cream supply by means of pumps
  • 1 or 2 spreading heads
  • 1, 2 or 4-lane versions
  • Jacketed cream tanks and pipes for even cream tempering, processing of special creams and under difficult climatic conditions possible

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