Carrybots – Herbie

The primary objective of Carrybots is to facilitate the implementation of transport automation for businesses in the most straightforward and cost-efficient manner, utilizing their mobile robot technology. Alongside the economic benefits associated with this approach, Carrybots stands out for its products’ exceptional modularity, flexibility, and advanced control software.


Differentiation from natural navigating systems​

Lower acquisition costs: Savings compared to natural navigating systems

Higher process reliability: track guidance is more stable than free navigation; With natural navigation, changes in the environment can lead to a loss of orientation​
Higher throughputs: Fast and precise positioning enables fast handovers. Duration of a transfer (with conveyor) takes about 5 seconds. Natural navigating systems take 20-30 seconds. ​

Tried-and-tested standard superstructures: other manufacturers often offer only basic vehicles; special load handling devices only possible by integrators​

Differentiation from track-guided systems​

Wider range of applications: modular setup with different standard load handling devices​

Better freedom of movement: HERBIE can reverse and turn on the spot thanks to differential drive. Other manufacturers with turntable steering which has bigger curve radiuses cannot do this. ​
Software intelligence: HERBIE can implement any process that could be mapped via a rail network. Other systems can often only follow rigid routes.​
Higher payloads: Competitors are most often limited to 400×600 mm and 35 kg. HERBIE can hold up to 600×800 mm and 50 kg – HERBIE Trolley also up to 200 kg. Pallet AGVs currently under development.​
Safe person detection: Other manufacturers work with physical bumpers and not with secure scanner technology.​

Increased stability of navigation: Track guidance with integrated luminescence color; Sealing and painting of the lane possible; RFID tags as an alternative to barcodes possible​
Uninterrupted 24/7 operation: Inductive charging system and autonomous charging strategy enable uninterrupted operation; Other manufacturers only offer replaceable battery systems.​

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