Edible solid dough cups

Edible cups – the sustainable solution

  • Edible cups which have a delicious taste
  • That doesn’t alter the taste of the drink
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Fun to eat & drink
  • Help our environment

Coffee cup – product properties

  • Combine with tastes/flavours
  • No coating – doesn’t alter the drink
  • Withstands hot liquids up to 80C
  • Stays crispy for 45 minutes
  • Does not leak, up to 12 hours
  • Completely bio-degradable

From grain to cup

We can design the entire process from mixing, feeding, baking and refining/finishing.

Short dough (low-gluten) and hard dough (high-gluten) baked on the same oven.

To get started, contact us to get a sample process layout.

Coffee to go is pollution

Consumer convenience reigns supreme in everyday life. Globally, 23 billion disposable cups are produced every year, just to be thrown away.

The average usage life is only 15 minutes – with the majority of paper cups are not recyclable because of their plastic coating/lining.

Reusable cups require usage anywhere between 20 – 100+ times tso reach a point where their production is more sustainable than disposable paper cups.

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