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Bühler delivers total plant solutions for the finishing of confectionery and cookies to premium products.

Enrobed products like confectioneries, chocolates and cookies are extremely sensitive to changing temperatures. They not only melt easily when warm, they also cool quickly under drafty conditions. Bühler cooling tunnels are thus built by specialists with vast experience in dealing with specialties and reliable controlled cooling technology.



Whether it is a matter of gentle cooling of chocolate masses or the quick cooling of formed or baked products – Bühler cooling technology is suited to the most varied purposes. Bühler always offers the individually custom-ized cooling tunnel.

The universal cooling tunnels UKK and BKK cool the chocolate coatings of refined confectioneries in a gentle way to attain the exact crystallization. Delicate cookie types and extrusion-formed masses are impressively cooled using time-saving and efficient cooling.

The high-performance cooling tunnel HKK offers the highly efficient and quick cooling of products in the smallest space. This makes it ideal for the cooling of hot products directly after an oven or a mold press in order to pre-pare them as quickly as possible for cutting, enrobing or packaging. Perfect cooling transfer brings about high efficiency.

Cooling tunnels are one of the biggest energy consumers in the production process. In view of marked energy saving and efficiency, Bühler has equipped the cooling tunnels with effective thermal insulation and excellent sealing for years and can thus prevent thermal bridging. In addition intelligent control systems with high temperature sensitivity only use as much energy in the plant as is actually needed for the desired result. All these details keep operating costs under control and make all the difference.

Bühler cooling tunnels:

• High performance, floor and universal cooling tunnels.

• Belt widths 420 mm to 2,070 mm standard.

• Highly effi cient product cooling tunnels convection and fl oor contact cooling.

• Gentle radiation cooling of chocolate masses.

• Hygienic designs for the highest hygiene standards and uncomplicated cleaning.

• Integrated continuous belt washing units.

• Belt control for perfect product conveyance.

• Bridging units for upstream machines.

• Heating register for reducing relative humidity.

• Modular design for maximum flexibility.

• Two-sided opening for easy cleaning.

• Droplet separator.

• Integrated air filter up to filter category F9.

• UV lamps for microbial load.


The Bühler range includes tempering systems, enrobing systems, decorators and cooling tunnels which can be flexibly adapted to any product concept, mass recipe or production process. The experienced Bühler team effectively equips major companies in the confectionery and baked goods sectors with cooling and enrobing technology formerly known under the brand name Kreuter.

Bühler enrobing and cooling machines:

Enrobing: • ChoCoat™ • IceCoat™ for icecream • CaraCoat™ • Bottomer.
Tempering: • TMK • BetaMat™ • Compact tempering machine • Compound Conditioner.
Cooling: • HKK • HUKK • UKK • BKK.
Decorating: • Integrated decorator • Servo decorator CW • Touch decorator • Decorating table.

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