Sterile Blow Filler & Sealers

rommelag® is the inventor of the Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) Technology and is the worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of bottelpack® advanced aseptic BFS machines. rommelag®  also supplies complete finishing lines as well as leak detectors and cap welding machines.

bottelpack® aseptic machines have a modular design, an integrated clean room class A (US-class 100) and an optional dark/white-machine separation. The fully automatic machines work either intermittent cycle with one and two moulds or continuously with rotating moulds.

All are automated CIP/SIP-capable. The machine capacities vary according to the container characteristics. 0,1 ml to more than 1.000 ml containers are filled at rates up to 30.000 containers/h. The filling is done by an extremely accurate time-pressure-dosing system.

bottelpack® Blow-Fill-Seal packaging systems are customer specific machines. An important characteristic of the Blow-Fill-Seal Process is the sterile moulding of the bottles or ampoules directly from the extruded PE or PP in water cooled blow moulds with an immediate sterile filling of product, followed by a hermetic sealing of the container in one step and under aseptic conditions in the same machine.

The Sterile Blow Fill & Seal solution is suitable for:

– SVP – Small Volume Parentals
– LVP – Large Volume Parentals
– Ophthalmic Products
– Respitory Products
– Food and Technical Products

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