Cut-Sheet-Laminator LAM-CS

The LAM-CS is used for the production of laminated dough sheets for crackers (cream crackers) and cocktail biscuits, but can also be used for the production of hard biscuits (for example, Petit Beurre & Marie).

Laminator LAM-CS

LAM-CS – Technical Data

  • Three-plate all-steel construction
  • F-roller dough sheeter consisting of a fluted roller pair and a calibration roller pair with separate drives
  • Pneumatic cutting device
  • Automatic speed calculation for fluted rollers, calibration rollers, feeding conveyor and cutting conveyor
  • Fluted roller and calibration roller gaps, pressure build-up factor, number of dough layers, dough layer length, stacking position and
  • Stacking stroke speed are adjustable
  • Fluted rollers of gray cast iron, calibration rollers made of centrifugal casting

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