Tub Filler / Cup Filler – Butter

Whenever fresh products, which are distributed within the cooling chain, have to be filled at higher outputs, the DOGATHERM cup filling series is the perfect solution. Liquid-to-pasty products as plain and fruited yogurt can be filled in single and multi-layers, with or without particulates.

The 2-lane version offers filling of 2 different cup sizes at the same time. The cup filler DOGATHERM fills stackable tubs or cups from plastic material (PP or PS), paper and compounds which are closed by heatsealing. In addition, a snap-on lid may be applied.
 On demand, the DOGATHERM is available in the hygienic standard ultra-clean.

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Transportation of cups with continuous high speed motion, no stop and go movement equals no product spilling
  • Clearly arranged machine stations with easy access to all functional modules
  • Ease of operation and service in case of machine stoppages caused by deficient packaging material
  • Even at high speeds, only one or two cup destackers are needed. Packaging material can be fed automatically
  • Continuous evacuation of the filled cups from the transport chain and trouble free transfer onto the off-conveyor
  • Format flexibility, and the option to fill two formats

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