Because tastes differ and everyone wants to offer their customers just what they fancy, multipacks have become highly popular option among consumers. Mixed packs represent something of a challenge for packaging machines – a challenge which offers Schubert TLM lines the chance to shine and show off their high level of flexibility.

Crisps (6 pack in flowpack)

On each line, 480 bags per minute are fed from hoppers via six separating systems (80 bags per system). Controlled by optical detection systems, three TLM-F44 robot stations (6 arms) place the bags with precision in front of the infeed chain carriers. Unidentified or incorrectly positioned bags are returned to the hopper.

Yoghurt Cups

Up to six different types of dairy product can be fed into the packaging system, these are then packaged into trays, the assortment according to specific marketing requirements. 720 cups or bottles are packaged into trays at a speed of 8, 12 or 24 trays per minute.

Chocolate Assortments

Each of the 5 TLM packaging stations is fitted with 2 robots (Schubert standard), picking 220 chocolates per minute off the belt and positioning them in trays. The system packs 1100 chocolates per minute in total.

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