Flow Wrappers

Cavanna has been building flow wrappers for 50 years and produced over 5000 of them. They are the world leader in innovation in flow wrapping hence their motto “ Art of Flowpak”.

They design medium and high speed flow wrappers and complete automated infeed systems for products and multipacks. Direct connection to processing line – buffers (LIFO and FIFO) for disconnection of the processing line from the end line packaging.

For Biscuits they have pile pack and slug pack feeders along with count feeders for wire cut / moulded and sandwiched biscuits. For wafers they have a flexible solution that connects directly to the wafer book cutter to wrap individual wafers fingers/complete pack and multipacks. For chocolate all possible feeders they produce, row feeders/multiple row feeders to multiple wrappers.

Wrappers have no product-no bag / servo unwinding / quick exchangeable jaw system for flexibility/cold seal and heat seal / ultrasonic seal / longitudinal and lateral tear tape dispenser.

Cardboard feeder from reel or sheet. Servo driven wrappers / quick change infeed chain pitch/high speed phasing system for product insertion/side by side and length behind length multipack systems online and quick changeable.

Range is Zero Zero / Zero 3 / Zero 5 and Zero 5 NKZ (for biscuits on edge). Speeds up to 120m/min. products up to 1200/min. Range of products from small candies up to a reel width of 650mm. Auto splicing.

Cavanna also do end of line cartonning to complement their flow wrapping range and offer a turn key supply to their customers.

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