Parchment Wrapper

Irrespective of whether products from the dairy industry or from the margarine, soup paste or other food processing industries have to be filled into cups or wrapped in mini portions or packets – wrapping machines as well as cup filling and closing machines by IMA Dairy & Food have been packaging liquid to pasty products including such with particulates, economically and reliably for 100 years now.

The MULTIPACK range provides the suitable machine for variable outputs and every packet size and shape in the market of wrapped products. Depending on requirements, both types of folding are available: Machines working according to the bottom fold or the length side fold principle.

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Variable output of 100 – 300 packets/min. with highest filling precision
  • Servo-driven wrapping material advance system including the ability to integrate all current date coders
  • Reduced cleaning intervals due to CIP cleanable dosing and CIP cleanable product feed
  • Modular construction, enabling conversion and retrofitting of individual modules at reasonable cost
  • Silent machine operation thanks to computer optimized cam drives
  • Choice of product feeding options: Either as direct feed from the process plant, or by separately driven feed worms (as an option), or by product hopper
  • Well-shaped packets with distinctive, sharp edges due to filling level control at the dosing station and stepless adjustment of pressure at the calibrating station

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