Tubular push conveyor

  • Buhler TUBO tubular push conveyor
  • Buhler TUBO tubular push conveyor
  • Buhler TUBO tubular push conveyor


The TUBO tubular push conveyor gently transports grain, brewing malt, coffee, rice and other bulk ingredients for processing. It was designed for energy efficiency and top food safety. It’s free-flowing Tubit elements gently move ingredients along its pipe.

Examples of tested products

  • Grains (Paddy, rice, wheat, maize, rape-seeds, soy beans, feed pellets)
  • Extruded product (Corn flakes, honey rings, chocolate flakes)
  • Nuts (Peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds)
  • Coffee beans (Green beans, roasted beans)
  • Dry pasta (Several short length goods)
  • Powders (Flour, semolina, break-stock, ground coffee, milk powder)
Tested Ingredients

Innovative conveying system

TUBO address all four key concerns with traditional conveying systems.


  • Fully enclosed system
  • Drive mechanics are outside the product stream

Low operating costs

  • Lower enegy consumption than pneumatic transport
  • Reduced friction, no pulling cord inside conveyor and transport in product chambers

Layout flexibility

  • One TUBO can replace several conveyors
  • Reduced installation dimension, less floor space utilisation and/or lower building height requirements

Gentle transport

  • Slow transport in product chambers reduces internal friction
  • Less product hand-overs with multidimensional layout
TUBO tubular conveying system

Gentle push conveying

The TUBO uses Tubit pusher elements, which fit inside the pipe, and gently transport the ingredients. The Tubits are free-flowing, and made of synthetic material for a high level of food safety. They are designed to leave no residue and are also energy-efficient, relying on gravity to fall into place at the end of their cycle.

Technical data

TUBO is available in normal steel or stainless steel, at 5″ (OD 139.7mm) and 6″ (OD 168.3mm) pipe diameters, with both sizes able to convey up to 25m vertically at their maximum throughput.

Throughput (tons/hour)


Flour: Up to 10.7
Grist: up to 5.6
Semolina: up to 10.6
Wheat: up to 12.0


Flour: Up to 16.2
Grist: up to 8.5
Semolina: up to 16.0
Wheat: up to 18.2

TUBO tubular conveying system

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