Clam Shell Loaders

Quite simply Schubert “Packs your Product”.

Schubert’s Pick & Place Robotics features a four axis pick and place robot which in co-operation with the TLM vision system picks products from a continuously running product belt and groups them into a box, tray or transmodule.

If two F4 robots work in a machine frame with a control and Vision System, it is referred to as a TLM-F44 Picker Station. The TLM F4 arm can accelerate with 15G, reaches a speed of 5m/sec in doing so and only produces a noise level of 70db.

TLM-F44 robots can work together as a team achieving speeds in excess of 5000 products per minute. With the addition of TLM-F2 and F3 robot cells, Schubert offers a complete customized packaging solution in a monobloc format for any style of product and final package.

TLM-F44 MultiPack Line

Chocolate box selections are packaged on this line which encompasses 20 infeed belts and 10 robot arms. Each of the 5 TLM packaging stations is fitted with 2 robots (Schubert standard), picking 220 chocolates per minute off the belt and positioning them in trays. The system packs 1100 chocolates per minute in total.

TLM-F44 Picker Line

Since January 2005, 80,000 to 160,000 biscuits an hour from are carefully packaged into trays on a TLM-F44 picker line. The almost 20 m long highly flexible picker line comprises nine TLM-F44 picker stations and two TLM-F2 robots for tray insertion. The changeover time is only around 10 minutes.

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