Lollipop Lines

Forming – Confectionary

The Extruder/Former – The Formpress ® range of equipment from Bühler has been the industry leader since 1960. From single mass extrusion up to 3 mass extrusion of very hard low fat dough’s and mass’s, Widths from 140mm wide up to 1800mm cantilevered for easy removal from the line / cleaning and nozzle changeover.

The smooth roller former (GP) has been the industry leader for high accurate forming for pressure sensitive masses. Its unique 3-roller system makes a slab direct from the former. Its cantilever drive design gives huge flexibility on line configurations.

Coupled with Bühler’s high efficiency mass cooling tunnels, customers can expect very high eight accuracy and a shorter more energy efficient line.

Ancillary equipment includes:

  • Compression rollers
  • Contouring rollers
  • Sprinkling and
  • Decorating

Cutter Slitter

Longitudinal slab slitting and lateral cutting are highly important for any bar line. Weight control and exact size are what gives the end of line packaging their efficiency. Bühler takes cutting and slitting to a very high level with their range of versatile slitting machines. Slit on belt / Slit on roller or pre cut can all be done on the same machine with minimal changeover time. The slitter has a unique cleaning and oiling system to alleviate build up of sticky mass on the slitting blades.

The HS Cutter comes as standard predisposed for Ultrasonic cutting. It has multiple cutting profiles built into it – servo driven. Cuts on belt / anvil. Can be straight cut or profiled to follow the bar whilst cutting. Speeds up to 1000 cuts per minute are capable. Can be programmed for hybrid cutting profiles.

The fanning system is a very important part of the cutting process. Bühler fanning systems can be wheeled out of the line for easy access to the slitter and cutter – made with plastic blocks or with easily adjustable stretch belts for multiple format changes and greater flexibility. Width up to 2000mm wide.

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