Pick & Place Robotics

Pick & place machines from Schubert – cutting-edge technology at its best

Fiercely competitive industries such as food and confectionery call for maximum efficiency and flexibility on the part of manufacturer. It is the only way to produce profitably in spite of increased demands for diverse product ranges and packaging formats. Without the step towards automation with pick & place machines, a cost-effective packaging process is hardly even possible. What is needed are highly flexible and highly efficient packaging machines that are future-proof.

The answer is the picker line from Schubert: With decades of experience, the packaging machine manufacturer has made the most of pick & place technology. All components of the system come from a single source and are perfectly matched to each other as an integrated solution. With Schubert pick & place machines, manufacturers benefit from sustainable competitive advantages thanks to extremely efficient, reliable and modular technology.

Advanced technology with the most simple operation ever

Everything about the packaging machines’ pick & place technology is designed for easy operation and straightforward programming. The exchangeable robot tools allow a format changeover in just a few steps. The picker line then immediately continues to pack without errors. Each line requires only one control system. This makes parameterising the robots so easy that customers can do it themselves after a little training. Furthermore, the controller performs numerous tasks independently, for example collision monitoring of the robot arms or workspace monitoring.

Outstanding efficiency and profitability

As with all Schubert packaging machines, the picker line combines many packaging processes in one system without interfaces – thanks to the proven TLM system components. This also includes the image processing and control system developed by Schubert. Ideally tailored to the requirements of packaging technology, all system components ensure ground-breaking line efficiency and performance. 99 per cent machine availability is the rule, not the exception, with pick & place machines from Schubert. This is something that practically no other manufacturer can offer. Due to high efficiency, flexibility and quality, the packaging machines quickly achieve their return on investment (ROI) and are extremely cost-effective.

Decades of experience

For decades, manufacturers from the food, confectionery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries have placed their trust in Schubert’s pick & place expertise. Over 700 picker lines with thousands of robots and countless tools have been designed and built since the 1980s – and are proving themselves in daily use worldwide. Thanks to their modular design, the picker lines have successfully packed virtually all product specifications: Frozen ravioli, wafer-thin biscuits, filled puff pastries, buttery croissants, chocolate Easter bunnies – Schubert’s unmatched experience makes all the difference and guarantees safe, gentle and highly efficient product handling.



Manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods sector face challenges due to a shortage of skilled workers and intense competition in packaging their products. To improve efficiency and digitize their packaging processes, automation of core tasks like filling and cartoning is often implemented. However, product feeding remains a bottleneck as existing automation solutions have been costly and inefficient. This is where Schubert steps in with their newly developed Cobot tog.519 (tog. stands for together), overcoming the barriers of automation.

Schubert’s cooperative Cobot surpasses human capabilities, outperforms commercially available collaborative robots in speed, offers easy programming, and is mobile. It serves as an intelligent starting point for digitizing manual feeding tasks, enabling customers to achieve a significant technological advancement. With the Cobot, manufacturing companies gain access to a digitalized, high-tech, and user-friendly solution that propels their packaging automation to new heights. This empowers them to effectively meet current and future market demands. The forthcoming developments in Schubert Cobots will introduce unparalleled automation possibilities within the packaging industry, surpassing those offered by any other Cobot currently available.

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