Tube Fillers

For more than 40 years IMA Comadis has led the filed in flexible tube fillers, more than 3.000 machines have been supplied all over the world, as a result of continuous technical commitment coupled to a rewarding operating mentality – always oriented to customer feedback and satisfaction.

Since the beginning, Comadis tube filling machines have been marked by simplicity in change-over sequences, quick dismounting of contact parts and intuitive operator interface: we are proud to offer continuous improvements and advances in technology to machines in the range of 2.000 to 15.000 tubes per hour.

A course of continuous growth, that in time brought Comadis to gain an enviable experience in the field, testified by the multitude of both large and small customers.

From 30 to 250 tubes per minute, both rotary and linear track machines are produced. With a large rage of options IMA Comadis covers the whole spectrum of tube fillers.

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