Top Load Cartoners

The TLM Packaging machine series is based on the top-loading concept. The packaging process starts with the erection of boxes. Flat box blanks are fed from the transfer units, erected by the TLM-F2 robot units fitted with erecting tools and transported by Transmodule to the filling and closing stations.

The products are conveyed to the packaging machine either in mass flow or single file. Filling of boxes generally takes place using TLM-F2 robots fitted with relevant filling tools. Where extensive regrouping functions are required, two TLM-F2 robots are used in conjunction with a grouping table.

A TLM-F2 fitted with the relevant tool is used to close the box. This process can involve gluing a separate lid part over the box base using a wrap-around method. The use of robot tools enables the high-speed changeover from one closing method to another. Their enormous flexibility allows TLM packaging machines to be used for both end loading and wrap around processes.

Any product that can be picked up can be handled on a Schubert Top Loading Machine!

Water Filters

160 water filters per minute are packaged into 1ct, 3ct, 5ct, 10ct and 15ct boxes.  The boxes are erected from flat blanks and glued together, once they have been filled they are closed with a lid.  Providing the ultimate in flexibility, the system can be reset for the various pack sizes within 10 to 20 minutes.

Small Bottles

220 bright yellow citrus juice bottles resembling lemons enter a grouping chain every minute. An F2 robot then picks them and places them into the transport tool of the transmodule. Once a transmodule is completely loaded, it moves towards the pack tray. The pack tray are erected from flat lying blanks, glued and transferred to a vacuum conveyor. At the following station or sub-machine, three rows of five bottles each are picked up by a F2 robot from the transmodule and transferred into the tray. The partially-filled tray then moves to the third sub-machine. A F3 robot waits to receive two groups of 12 bottles from the transfer robot which, loaded the transmodule before so that it can then turn them upside-down and position, insert them into three trays simultaneously. In the fourth frame, the loaded trays are picked up from the vacuum conveyor and placed onto the discharge belt.

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