Filler / Capper / Labeller

A very versatile filler/capper capable of handling a wide range of liquid viscosities and designed with no wear joints.

– From 50 to 500 bottles per minute
– Perfect drainability
– No dripping from nozzles
– High Temperature wash (Steam) possible
– High polish on all surfaces in contact of the product
– All parts in the product path are visible and easily inspected
– No dead areas for product stagnation
– Small tank for a quick and economic washing
– Simplex and express change of nozzle without setting
– Fill nozzles with open flow and no screens or restrictions

Net Weight Filling Technology
* Assure accurate fill to both the consumer and to the producer
* Ability to:
– Verify the tare
– Check the net weight
– Calculate the standard deviation of the weight of the filled product and of the container
– Assurance of accurate fill due to the continuous monitoring during the filling phase
– Complete check of all the parameters at every revolution of the machine in order to obtain a accurate final net weight

* Automatic record of the production statistics

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