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  • ChoCoat™ Premium 1070 HD Hygienic Design

Bühler delivers total plant solutions for the finishing of confectionery and cookies to premium products.

If you are planning to finish new product ideas into unrivaled branded items, you can find convincing solutions at Bühler cooling and enrobing technology. Hygienic machinery design, high efficiency with low operational costs resulting in a predictable amortization is the focus with Bühler Countlines. The process-oriented adaptation of the system to your individual specifications is the absolute norm.


chocolate enrobed bars

Chocolate or compound coatings, single-colored, two-colored and so on – the wishes and recipes are varied which are brought to attention as production demand on a high level. Bühler enrobing machines for chocolate, compounds and caramel are designed for flexibility, reliability and hygiene. They demonstrate their performance through their high volume output combined with precise reproducibility of masses, weights and decorations. Consistent hygienic design not only ensures compliance with all standards but also easy access to cleaning and service.

Bühler enrobing and cooling technology:

• Enrobing machines and decorators for diverse product finishing.

• Tempering machines for process-oriented, prepared enrobing masses.

• Cooling tunnels for confectioneries and cookies of all types.

• Plant technologies with high quality components and an integrated processing technology.

• Unique comprehensive hygienic design.

• The highest energy efficiency.

The Bühler range includes tempering systems, enrobing systems, decorators and cooling tunnels which can be flexibly adapted to any product concept, mass recipe or production process. The experienced Bühler team effectively equips major companies in the confectionery and baked goods sectors with cooling and enrobing technology formerly known under the brand name Kreuter.

Bühler enrobing and cooling machines:

Enrobing: • ChoCoat™ • IceCoat™ for icecream • CaraCoat™ • Bottomer.
Tempering: • TMK • BetaMat™ • Compact tempering machine • Compound Conditioner.
Cooling: • HKK • HUKK • UKK • BKK.
Decorating: • Integrated decorator • Servo decorator CW • Touch decorator • Decorating table.

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