Chocolate Refining


  • Grinding by means of compression and shearing
  • Two-stage refining process consist of one pre refiner and one or several final refiners in sequence
  • Primary particle size reduction by means of pre refiner followed by secondary particle size reduction by means of final refiner


  • Targeted particle size with a narrow particle size distribution to generate mouth feel and simplify flow property development
  • Coat new arise sugar surfaces with cocoa and milk flavors to aromatize sugar and avoid moister absorption
  • Constant specific throughput for highest productivity


  • Use of coarse granulated sugar 0.5 – 2 mm (recommended, powder sugar possible)
  • Absorbing ingredients variation

PreFiner™ S two-roll refiner.
two roll refiner for primary particle size reduction

  • Optimum fineness and plasticity of all masses.
  • Maximum production efficiency.
  • Flexible frequency-controlled drive.
  • Very easy cleaning and maintenance.

Finer™ S five-roll refiner.
five roll refiner for secondary particle size reduction

  • Latest sanitation and safety standards.
  • Maximum flexibility in processing a wide range of masses.
  • Consistent, reproducible fineness and throughput characteristics.
  • Maximum production efficiency.
  • Very easy maintenance and cleaning.

Bühler / Bühler Chocolate

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