Chocolate Mixing


  • Blend dry and liquid components by means of high shearing and kneading


  • Homogenization of liquid and dry components, wetting of particle surfaces
  • Release of entrapped / immobilized fat on the surface of particles such as milk powder
  • Even mass temperature to stabilize downstream refining


  • Fast shaft speed in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions
  • Actual mixing time (3 – 5 min)
  • Cycle time (dosing, mixing, discharging) within 10 – 20 min
  • Discharging mixed mass into hopper of pre refiner

ShearMix™ S single-shaft mixer.
for efficient mixing

  • High shearing action, resulting in maximum release of immobilized fat.
  • Excellent mixing and shearing action, resulting in short mixing times and high throughput rates.
  • Accurate input weighing of the ingredients thanks to built-in high-precision load cells.
  • Self-discharge at high capacity and good residual discharge.

Bühler / Bühler Chocolate

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