Chocolate Dosing


  • Liquid ingredients before dry ingredients
  • Liquids pumped, dry ingredients with a bin discharger


  • Accurate dosing to ensure end product quality and save money
  • Gentle conveying of raw materials to avoid crushing and dust generation
  • Fast, reliable and clean to maximize productivity


  • Weighing directly into the mixer (mixer on load cells)
  • Weighing in buffer hoppers and thereafter, into the mixer.
  • Dosing in two steps: coarse / fine

SPAR rotary bin discharger.
for dry ingredient dosing

  • Uniform bin discharge in coarse and fine dosing as well as in shut-off mode.
  • Proven in various installations worldwide with different products.
  • Can be applied for a wide variety of bulk materials, including non-free-flowing ones.
  • ATEX-certified.

Bühler / Bühler Chocolate

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