Chocolate Conching


  • High shearing effects at optimum energy intake thanks to special designed conching tools
  • Wide range of temperature profiles for flavor development
  • Developing structural changes during conching


  • Moisture reduction and stripping – off unwanted volatiles
  • De-agglomeration and release of immobilized fat
  • Redistribution of aroma components
  • Development of flavor


  • Control shaft speed according to drive current
  • Air forced ventilation concept for efficient volatile and moisture reduction
  • Control on shaft direction to maximize impact on de-agglomeration

FRISSE™-ELK S single-shaft conche.
for efficient conching

  • Short conching cycles and lower fat consumption in comparison to other conche.
  • Software system which allows automatic control of all the process steps.
  • Minimized maintenance, resulting in high machine uptime.
  • High energy efficiency thanks to direct drive.

FRISSE™-DÜC S triple-shaft conche.
for superb conching

  • Shortest conching cycles at lowest possible fat utilization thanks to overlapping shearing.
  • Latest sanitation and safety standards.
  • Reduced machine footprint thanks to new drive configuration.
  • Improved vessel design for less product residues.

Bühler / Bühler Chocolate

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