Bin Blenders

IMA Handling systems include a wide range of ancillary equipment and technical solutions: lifting columns, BINs and drums, tumblers, dispensing and feeding systems and high containment valves. Flexibility is the keyword characterising the IMA handling equipment: the smart solutions offering high performances.
Using the expertise of the IMA engineering department we are able to integrate different equipment of the IMA range into one installation – from single machines to complete Solid Dose facilities.

The bag/drum dumping station is designed for powders and granules handling. This unit is ideal for the automation of raw materials used in limited quantities during the production process. The product is directly introduced into pneumatic conveying lines, vacuum or pressure systems or other equipment ensuring a clean and dust-controlled environment while making unloading bagged materials.

Bin Blenders

The Cyclops is a very flexible Bin tumbler designed for blending and homogenising powders and granulates. The machine rotates containers (bins) and is able to generate an efficient mixing effect thanks to the container being tilted by 15° as compared to the rotation axis.

Lifting Column

Hercules lifting columns are designed for handling drums, containers, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs/Bins) and small machines like mills, pneumatic conveyors and calibrators. Hercules Mini 300, Midi and Maxima are available also in the mix version combining lifting and blending.

Main Characteristics

  • Simple design and accurate finishing for easy cleaning operations.
  • High safety: lifting action given by a high resistance belt (more than 7 times the nominal load) for Hercules Mini and a high resistance chain (more than 6 times the nominal load) for Hercules Midi and Maxima. Both systems are connected to the lifting arm by means of the original safety braking system called “Self-Brake System” holding up the load in case of emergency.
  • Different holding systems can be fitted on the lifting arm to hold IBCs, drums, special containers or other machines.

Pneumatic Pharma Conveyors

The pneumatic pharma conveyor VPC is designed for gentle transport of pharmaceutical bulk products and can be used to transfer products directly from/into mixers, reactors, bins, containers, bulk-bags, tablet presses, capsule fillers, filling machines, etc.


TwinValve is a simple and reliable solution to handle powders, granules, tablets and capsules. It can be used as a standard butterfly valve on bins and can be easily retrofitted on existing Powder Handling Plants allowing containment during powder transfer and high flexibility.

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