Aseptic Filler / Sealer – Cups

IMA Dairy & Food – the specialist for high performance cup filling and sealing machines for pasty and liquid products in pre-formed cups made of plastic, carton-plastic compounds, carton, aluminium, and bottle filling and sealing machines in pre-formed PET or HDPE-bottles.

Pre formed Cups (FS Tub Filling)

Increased output, operation comfort, efficiency and flexibility – the cup filler Flexline responds to these demands. Depending on output performance and hygienic level, this Fill and seal machine series (FS) for preformed cups is available as single and double lane version, in aseptic or ultra-clean design.

Flexline cup fillers handle a wide range of pasty and liquid products in pre-formed cups; the main fields of application can be found in the dairy, food and beverage industries.

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Running of different cup dimensions
  • Easy change of product and packaging material due to integrated choice of recipes and the consequent use of servo drives
  • Modular design allows the integration of supplementary stations requiring little additional expenditures
  • Highest security standards for operators
  • Product security due to the consequent compliance with the highest hygienic standards
  • Clearly arranged configuration of the complete machine and excellent access to all stations
  • State-of-the-art HMI-software for easy adjustment of all virtual cams with integrated support function and spare parts catalogue
  • Attractive investment for new equipment and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced internal and external commissioning times
  • Little time consumption for CIP/SIP and maintenance

TAS Aseptic

The requirements to extend the self life of fresh products, even outside the cooling chain, calls for aseptic packaging methods. IMA Dairy & Food has many years of experience manufacturing aseptic form, fill and seal packaging machinery for cups.

Aseptic FFS systems are typically used to fill pH neutral and low acid products. Aside from the established steam sterilization, IMA Dairy & Food continuously develops other future-oriented sterilization technologies.

The aseptic packaging machine TAS complies with FDA standards. All pre-conditions to control the bacteria on the cup and lid material to >log 4 are fulfilled, enabling pre-sterilized products to be filled aseptically and cups to be sealed with perfect reliability.

Complete system concepts, from product preparation and product supply up to end-of-line packaging systems

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