Mondomix Aeration & Aroma Mixing Systems

Mondomix provides continuous aeration & flavour mixing systems, designed for injection of flavor and/or aeration with invisible/micro aeration or larger bubbles in all fat-based masses, typically used in the following applications:


  • Sponge cakes, creams, wafers, waffles, shortening, angel cakes, etc.


  • Marshmallows (extruded, deposited, encapsulated), nougats, fat creams, chocolates, meringues, chewy candies, etc.


  • Mousses, yogurts, fruit preps, cheese spreads, butter, cottage cheeses, etc.


  • Latex, Acrylics, PVC, etc.

Why aerate?

Firstly, aeration is the only method to obtain the typical texture and flow properties of products, such as marshmallows and dairy creams. However, aeration has some additional reasons why it may be suitable:

  • fewer calories than a non-aerated serving size
  • lower costs (as fewer ingredients/materials are required)
  • better appearance (shape, colour, texture, etc)
  • opportunities for new products

Technical data

There is a range of Mondomix aerator models, depending on the desired output and spatial requirements.

Pump capacities range between 80 to 5000 kg /hr

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