Flexible filling machines for aerosols

Pamasol is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of filling machines and supplementary products for the international aerosol industry.

The company’s comprehensive service offering includes all the necessary machines and components for every aspect of aerosol filling and spray systems – for all performance categories, from semi-automated system through to high-performance system.

Pamasol has created a strong name for itself in the global aerosol machine construction industry. The Pamasol name is synonymous with reliability, innovation and aerosol know-how.

Since the emergence of the aerosol industry, Pamasol has occupied a strong and independent market position, and is considered to be the technological leader in the industry.  Based in Switzerland, 95% of all machines ordered are exported all over the world to more than 100 companies.

Aerosol Filling machines from Pamasol cover all the requirements of aerosol manufacturers to produce products ranging from household, insecticides, pharmaceutical sprays, cosmetics, automotive and food products.

Pamasol’s manufacturing program comprises all machines from semi-automatic, low scale production through to high speed production lines of up to 600 cans per minute.


  • Feeding
  • Product filling
  • Can sealing
  • Propellant filling
  • Filling quantity check
  • Safety testing
  • Spray head fitting
  • Cap fitting

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