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IMA Group, world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee.

Its position of leadership is the result of significant investments in R&D, regular and constructive dialogue with the end-users in its sectors and the Group’s ability to expand internationally, conquering new markets.

IMA Groups:


The ideal partner for each solid dose processing phase; granulation, tableting, capsule filling and banding, weight checking, coating, handling and washing.

Tableting and capsule filling, Granulation and coating, Handling and washing


IMA BFB has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing end-of-line or “secondary packaging” machines. Our bundling and wrapping machines, case packers, palletizers and depalletizers cover a wide range of speeds and are aimed at the following markets: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee.

Shrinkwrapping Machines, Overwrapping Machines, Tray Packing Machines, Case Packing Machines, Palletizing Stand Alone, Depalletizing Machines, Product Handling & Feeder, Track And Trace Solutions, Complete Engineering Solutions.

Blister, Trays, Bottles

Non Pharma
Food Industry; Chewing Gum And Chocolate, Tea, Herbs, And Coffee; Cosmetics, Toiletries; Shampoo, Soap, Toothpastes and other Markets

Sub division brands: Benhil, Corazza, Erca, Hamba, Gasti, Hassia

Benhil – Market leader for butter and margarine wrapping.
Over 100 years of experience and an installed base of more than 2,000 machines worldwide makes Benhil a trustworthy partner whose understanding of the market is a priceless asset. Benhil offers filling and wrapping machines for consumer packs and big portions, with an output ranging from 6,000 – 30,000 packets/h, as well as tub filling machines.
Benhil also supplies secondary packaging solutions including wrap-around cartoners for display cartons and semi-automatic collecting and stacking machines.

Corazza – The leading man of packaging machines for dairy and convenience food

With an installed base of more than 4,200 machines worldwide Corazza is the world’s leading name for dairy and convenience food packaging equipment, covering requirements that go from dosing to wrapping.

A specialist for marketing-oriented technical solutions, Corazza is also renowned for prompt and reliable customer service. The machine portfolio also comprises secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions.

Today Corazza manufactures complete packaging lines for fresh, processed & cream cheese, butter, yeast, paste & pressed bouillon cube.

Erca – The innovator in form-fill-seal technology

Dairy industry packaging experts and inventor of FFS technology, as well as in-mould wrap-around labelling and open mould technology, Erca has more than 50 years of experience in designing packaging solutions to ensure maximum productivity combined with the expertise necessary to provide highly customized designs to enhance customer’s competitive advantage.

As inventor of the FFS technology Erca develops FFS machines for cups, aseptic processes and can offer an extensive variety of shapes through efficient thermoforming solutions and pioneering formats.

Fillshape – Solutions for any flexible packaging requirements

Fillshape manufactures and designs filling systems for flexible stand-up pouches with and without spout for dairy, food, beverage and personal care sectors.

It offers the most revolutionary technology in the field of flexible containers, but it leaves the customer free to choose the shape of the pouch, spout and cap.

Free to choose the best solution available on the market and always supported by our team of experts in the field of materials and dedicated to optimising your “flexible” production line.


More than a century of experience in filling and sealing technology in all hygiene classes

Hamba-Gasti is a specialist for filling and sealing machines, especially continuous motion high-performance machines for pre-formed cups, offering full flexibility and efficient, cost-effective solutions. With experience in specialised fields, Hamba-Gasti provides tailor-made solutions for pasty and liquid products to be filled in pre-formed plastic cups, carton-plastic compounds, carton or aluminium and has an installed base of over 1300 machines worldwide.

Hassia – Market leader for aseptic FFS solutions

Hassia stands for more than 60 years of experience in the design and development of form, fill and seal technology.

From portion cups, to single or double chamber cups and stick packs, Hassia supplies user-friendly, reliable FFS machines, carefully adapted when the market defines a particular specification for cups or portion packs.

Market leader in aseptic packaging, Hassia also supplies innovative solutions for latest-generation dual cavity cups and a durable FFS solution for stick packs handling liquids and pastes.


FillShape manufactures and designs filling systems for flexible stand-up pouches with and with out spout, for food, beverage and personal and home care.

FillShape Platform
Pre-made pouches for wet applications, Pouch making machine, Spouted pouches hot/cold filling, Spouted, Pouches Aseptic filling, Stand up pouches without spout, Ancillary equipment – process preparation.

Filling solutions for any need
Hot filling, Ultra-clean filling, Aseptic filling


IMA Life, in the field of liquid, powder, aseptic and non-aseptic processing, can today offer a wide range of machinery, particularly designed to meet the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements, from traditional milling and closing machines to the most advanced machinery and applications.

Combining the role of machinery supplier with the added ability of being a solution provider for its customers, IMA Life can satisfy even the most demanding requirements of the aseptic and pharmaceutical markets, offering products which represent, not only consolidated technology, gained during many years of experience, but which also derive from a continuous partnership with pharmaceutical multinationals worldwide.

Washing and Blowing, Depyrogenating, Aseptic Processing, Pharmaceutical processing, Freeze drying solutions, Labelling and Ancillary Equipment

Sub division brands: Comadis and Swiftpack

IMA Safe division designs and realizes a complete range of primary and secondary packaging machines for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Blister machines, cartoners, counting machines and tube fillers are the four kinds of products powered by IMA Safe, which offers complete tailor-made lines.

From simple to complex projects
The team of experts and specialists is able to coordinate from simple to the most complex projects, including requests for customization and integration of external devices. The innovative technologies offered by IMA Safe allow the best performance in the market in terms of reduction of errors, time and products wastage.

IMA Safe’s machines mean: GMP compliance, Modularity, User friendly, fail-safe functionality, Small footprint, Simplified cleaning procedures, Long life, Fast and repeatable changeovers, Extremely high production efficiency


IMA Coffee – Solutions for all Coffee Packaging requirements

Soft and Hard pods, Single Sleeve Capsules, Flexible Packaging, End of line Packaging, Turnkey solutions.

Packaging styles: Pods, Injected capsule, Thermoformed capsule for espresso Thermoformed capsule for filter coffee, Pillow bag, Vacuum pack, Heatsealed outer envelopes, Block bottom bags, Dispensing box, Flowpack, Pre-glued Box, Flat-blank box, Flip top box, Shipping case and pallet.

IMA Tea & Herbs – We project our machines for the future
Tea and Herbs filter bag packaging solutions

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the tea bagging sector and an impressive 70% market share, IMA Tea & Herbs is the world’s leading supplier of automatic machines designed for the packaging of tea and herbs in filter bags. With a tradition of excellence and a distinctive flair for innovation, IMA  has an in-depth understanding of the market and is receptive to fast-evolving customer needs. This leads to a high degree of flexibility in the solutions provided and also enables much-appreciated opportunities for customisation.

Packaging styles: Filter Bag, Tag, Cotton thread, Crimped Outer Envelope, Heatsealed Outer Envelope, Sealed outer envelope, Double filter bag, Family size filter bag, Round tea bag, Woven or Non Woven tetrahedral filter bag, TI1 Cartoning 1 to 2 rows of bags or outer envelopes, TI2 Cartoning 1to 4 rows of bags or outer envelopes, TI3 Cartoning 1 to 4 rows of bags in open tray, Cartoning for Flat Blanks, Flow-Pack.

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