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Solutions for the confectionery & bakery industry

Bühler Countlines. Your innovative partner in competition.

Giving advice requires understanding. Bühler supports the ambition to provide a durable basis of success for your brand products by improving the production quality and efficiency, and supporting you with innovative process engineering. Made-to-measure plant layout, integration of control and process technology, improved production flexibility, or the reduction of cleaning and maintenance costs are all features that will provide your production with many years of profitable conditions.

Powering the World of Sweets
In order to present the confectionery and bakery industry with innovative and effective solutions in this competitive environment, Bühler sets up now in conformity with the market by the addition of the special confectionery know-how of Hosokawa Bepex. The integration of the businesses Ter Braak, Bepex Hutt and Kreuter under the umbrella of Bühler has created a solution oriented provider of complete systems that can build your production systems for future product generations, from raw materials to packaging for any type of confectionery products or baked goods.

“Efficient technology all along the value chain – from masses to finished countlines and confectioneries, perfected by excellent taste and shape.”

Service portfolio:

  • Plants and systems for the confectionery and bakery production.
  • Dosing, weighing, mixing, cooking, aerating.
  • Extruding, forming, cutting.
  • Tempering, enrobing, cooling.
  • Development and testing of new materials and products in the Application Center.
  • Project management and delivery from a single source with one contact.
  • Represented worldwide in more than 140 countries.

Bars of all kinds:

  • Versatile production lines up to a maximum width of more than 2,000 mm.
  • Formpress and cutting plants for all masses.
  • Systems in a modular design with high combination flexibility.
  • Easy Clean concepts for easy cleaning.
  • Live demonstrations of formpress and cutting plants in the Application Center.

Confectionery and Bakery:

  • Cooling tunnels, enrobing, decorating and tempering machines for the most demanding production.
  • For biscuits, chocolates, bars, wafers and ice cream products.
  • Coating with Premium Chocoat and Premium Plus on working widths of 2,000 mm.
  • Unique hygienic cooling tunnels – all stainless steel.

Confectionery, sweets and candies:

  • Batch-wise and continuous dosing, weighing, dissolving, cooking, whipping and mixing equipment.
  • For all types of aerated and unaerated masses as well as for binding masses of each consistency.
  • Versatile solutions for each type of gums and jellies, nougat, caramel, hard and soft candy.
  • Sophisticated product and process development in the Application Center.

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