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“The undisputed leader in the production and manufacturing of equipment for wafers, waffles, biscuits, and confectionery.” –  report

Haas is a 4th generation family operated company located in Austria. A leading manufacturer of processing plants for the wafer and baking industry, the Haas Group is able to supply machines for all branches of the market.

Haas provides the highest level of quality in wafers, cones, biscuits, crackers, cakes, sponges, waffles, pancakes, pies and pizza products – just to name a few.

Three brands are united under the Haas name: Franz Haas, Meincke and Mondomix. These three brands form the Haas Group today and can claim a range of success stories over previous decades.

Franz Haas
Franz Haas has been specialising in wafer machines right from the outset and is the market leader in this field with up to 100 wafer lines delivered per year worldwide – that ́s why more than one in every two wafers is made by a Franz Haas machine.

Haas-Meincke has been producing machinery for short dough biscuits and cakes since 1953. The product range was expanded to include crackers, pizza and bread products, Swiss rolls, muffins and snack products in 2005. The takeover of Haas-Meincke completed the product range in the biscuits field. The time and effort involved in reorganizing a production line for a product change is becoming increasingly significant, so combined lines offer the best solution. Haas-Meincke combined lines make it easy to change between short dough and hard dough biscuits.

Haas-Mondomix offers know-how and machinery for mixing, kneading, aerating and depositing. The company has four decades of experience resulting in market and technological leadership in the fields of aerating various masses, fat cream and chocolate.

Today, machinery is delivered to 50 countries all over the world in the market segments of confectionery, bakery, dairy (e.g. desserts) and non-food. In the field of bakery, Haas-Mondomix offers technology to handle masses and to shape and fill them by depositing.

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