MA BFB Division boasts a long tradition in the design and manufacture of handling and end of line machines (tray packing, wrapping and bundling machines employing heat-seal and heat-shrink films as well as case packing machines and palletisers) for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cake, confectionery, tea, coffee and tobacco industries.

The division is in a position to offer a complete range of services in the end-of-line phase which is crucial for guaranteeing the final results of the overall packaging process. It is in fact in this phase, when the product has already been packaged, that a number of essential operations need to be performed in order to permit the final product to be fully protected, easily stored and transported and to have the correct appearance.

The application of the most advanced technology together with the continuous research of new solutions, allow the use of materials that are environmentally friendly and meet customers’ requirements worldwide.

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