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Schubert is a medium-sized family business based out of Crailsheim Gemany that specialises in the supply of flexible packaging solutions.

FMCG manufacturers 

9 out of10

of all blue chip companies place their confidence in Schubert packaging technology.

9 out of10

of the most successful pharmaceutical manufacturers package their products with Schubert-Pharma packaging systems.

8 out of10

packaging machines are built for customers who already haveSchubert packaging equipment in use.

Schubert was responsible for the development of the world’s first packaging robots back in 1984. Its many years of experience in the field of servo drive engineering have made Schubert the accepted market leader in the field of digital packaging machines.

Primary packaging, sales packaging, shipping crates and pallets can all be covered by Schubert machines. Since the top-loading method is primarily used, the machines were given the designation “TLM” for top loading machine.

TLM machines are also used for filling liquid, pasty and powdery products into bottles, cans and tubes. These premium grade machines are constantly being developed, new components added and new options are constantly being integrated into the system.

Specialising in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Technical Product, Beverage, Confectionary, Frozen Food, Dairy industries.

Schubert machinery is also designed to have a long service life – allowing customers to amortise significantly over time.

TLM System Components

TLM Sub-Machines

TLM Packaging Lines

Product Specific Tools for any use

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