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Theegarten-Pactec is an established name in the industry. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging technology sector, they develop high quality and intelligent packaging machines for small-sized confectionery products and other foodstuffs, such as stock cubes, as well as for non-food items, such as detergent tablets. Theegarten-Pactec is known for innovation and the prompt response to customers’ wishes for premium quality.

Our aim to continuously improve and keep inspiring our global customers with new packaging solutions is reflected in our wide production program and commitment to research and development.

In addition to packaging machines, Theegarten-Pactec’s portfolio also includes a variety of feeding and storage components. This enables us to offer complete systems for preliminary packaging — all from one source.

Moreover, Theegarten-Pactec acts as a system provider for the packaging of confectionery products in cooperation with market leaders in process equipment and secondary packaging. The experts cooperate in implementing all components into one production line — from feeding and wrapping to secondary packaging. Combining the different machine portfolios allows customers to benefit from the concentrated expertise.

Rising to any challenge, no matter how difficult, is part of their philosophy: Theegarten-Pactec supports its customers in the planning and realisation of individual solutions. Years of experience in the construction of high-speed wrapping machines enable us to find a solution for all of your special requirements — regardless of whether an individual packaging machine or a fully automated packaging system is needed.

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