IMA Alphamac

IMA Alphamac is an industry disruptor in fluid packaging. Their vision and innovative approach to the design and construction of extrusion and blow-moulding systems has made them immediately highly competent and competitive.

The strength of Alphamac lies in their highly specialized and experienced team with a complete and extensive knowledge of extrusion and blow-moulding technologies, raw materials and plastic packaging production processes.

Their design technologies allows their moulded products to have a thinner container  walls, with very efficient operating costs.

Simplicity as a goal. Simple and robust mechanics, with solutions designed to simplify maintenance. Total absence of electrical cables and pneumatic tubes that hinder maintenance and mould replacement operations.

The cutting edge in extrusion. Multi-cavity and multilayer extrusion heads with solutions for external control of weight leveling and quick colour change.

Reducing spaces. Small footprint with simple, inspect-able and safe connections between machinery parts.

Competence in raw materials. Research and development for the extrusion of bio-materials and high competence on materials coming from post-consumer resin (PCR).

Motion System. Low energy consumption gear-boxes with automatic recovery of mechanical backlashes. Redundant control for mechanical units positions (“no crash”). Self-tuning devices to facilitate replacement in the event of a fault.

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