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Elettric80 specialises in the creation of automated solutions for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, in particular the fields of food, beverage and tissue, and in more diverse fields, such as the ceramic and plastic industries.

From the design and engineering phase to the construction, commissioning and testing of the plants, we offer state-of-the-art high-value systems that guarantee to the customer maximum flexibility and complete integration of production processes, time management optimization, waste reduction and increased quality.

To this end, we design and build robotic palletization islands, laser-driven vehicles, robotized wrapping machines, and high-density storage systems, the Smart Store.

Our Smart Decision Maker software, SDM, represents a direct “connection” between our systems and production processes, and ensures optimal, efficient and effective management of all internal and external operations at the plants: from the input of raw materials, passing for palletizing and wrapping, thought complete stock and picking management up to truck loading.

Set up in Viano, on the slopes of the Regina’s Apennines, Elettric80 has opened a number of branches in the world and has been growing year after year, focusing on people’s values, profound technological knowledge and careful analysis of specific market needs.

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