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Sustainable solutions for the nut industry. Efficient processing that is safe for food.

Roasting. Systems & Solutions.

Bühler has appropriate process solutions for all processing stages, from goods in to the finished end product – all highly efficient and in compliance with strict food safety standards.

Bühler has many years of experience in the industrial processing of nuts: hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, pistachios and almonds are treated with great care. In the course of this, Bühler provides solutions for individual process stages and complete systems, including extremely modern automation solutions – all from one single supplier.

Roasting is one of the most important methods for processing nuts. This is why Bühler can offer an unparalled portfolio and process knowledge. Regardless of whether the throughput is low or high or continuous or batch processing is used, all Bühler‘s roasting systems deliver excellent, consistent quality thanks to the unique air circulation systems. Different blanching, chopping and grinding systems complete the range that offers energy-saving and low-cost processing of nuts and oilseeds.

From goods receipt to the finished product:

  • Cleaning/transport
  • Optical sorting
  • Roasting
  • Pasteurization
  • Size reduction/ grinding
  • Automation

Cleaning and handling solutions for nuts are a central element in operational efficiency, product quality and the traceability of a production line. With Bühler, customers benefit from a comprehensive range of solutions and global engineering experience in plant construction.

Advantages for the customer:
Maximum nut cleanliness, even at high throughput
System elements especially for nut applications
All types of mechanical, pneumatic or combined conveying solutions available
End products with consistently high quality

Sophisticated optical sorting solutions – At all stages of the nut processing line.
SORTEX® optical sorters are the first choice for nut processors who demand the highest standards in food safety, quality and yield. Equipped with cutting-edge camera and lighting technology, SORTEX® sorters are renowned for removing the most challenging defects and foreign materials at all stages of the nut processing line.

  • Helps processors meet stringent safety standards through the segregation of nuts that are of inadequate quality or infected with Aspergillus flavus fungus
  • Maximizes product value and yield through precise removal of unwanted product and foreign materials
  • Provides a consistent stable performance, all day every day – minimizing downtime.

Tailor-made roasting systems – The perfect solution for every application.

  • Batch roasting
  • Continuous roasting

Solano SSP pasteurization system – Efficient and gentle germ count reduction.

The Solano SSP pasteurizer permits efficient and gentle steam pasteurization of a wide range of granular products and also offers subsequent roasting in the same process zone. The patented pasteurization technology achieves inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella by more than 5-log units.

Size reduction and grinding – Precise solutions from the technology leader.

Bühler’s technologies for grinding and size reduction are used around the world. The solutions for nuts include both small-scale mills for pregrinding and highvolume ball mills and roll refiners for fine grinding. All solutions are characterized by precision, energy efficiency and a high level of food safety.

Filling or spreading pastes

Advantages for the customer:

  • High-precision systems for optimum chopping and grinding results
  • One-stop-shop solution for all process stages – from dosing and mixing through to
  • Systems for small (100 kg/h), medium and large (> 1,000 kg/h) throughputs
  • Very finely ground pastes with a fineness of up to 20 µm possible
  • High energy efficiency and food safety

Global partner for complete systems – Expert solutions from a single source.

Every system for processing nuts is unique and requires customer-specific process solutions. Bühler plans, installs and automates complete lines for very different kinds of nuts in accordance with the customers’ requirements – from the first planning phase to the time when successful production starts.


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