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State-of-the-art technology for all processes. Your coffee creations deserve the best.

Our passion. Bringing coffee flavour sensations to life.

Bühler Barth GmbH delivers machines, plants and turnkey factories for the confectionery industry, more specifically for the treatment and processing of cocoa, nuts, grain and malt.

Coffee is our passion and inspiration. Bühler is your partner for innovative complete coffee processing solutions. We empower you to transform beans into ultimate coffee sensations for your consumers.

Bühler is the undisputed global technology leader in food production. For more than 40 years, Bühler has been building equipment for coffee processing and complete coffee systems worldwide. Whether for small, medium or large-scale coffee operations – Bühler offers customized solutions that meet your individual needs. Our proven expertise spans the entire range of coffee processing, from green coffee intake, cleaning, sorting, handling, roasting, grinding to degassing.

Our roasting technology sets new standards for flavor generation. It allows you to create your own unique traditional and non-traditional roasting profiles for optimal flavor characteristics and physical bean properties.

Sophisticated process control systems ensure the most consistent results and safe operations. Our solutions always give high priority to energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Systems from green coffee intake to roast&ground coffee:

  • Handling & Cleaning
  • Sorting
  • Roasting
  • Grinding
  • Storage & Degassing
  • Automation

Attracting global partners for complete customized integrated coffee processing solutions such as Nestle Nespresso.

Green and roasted coffee handling solutions – Cleaning, sorting, conveying and storage.
Optical Sorting: With our Sortex A, you achieve unparalleled degrees of purity.
Destoning: Our reliable mechanical cleaning and destining solutions allow you to remove foreign particles from the coffee.

Added value:

  • More than 40 years of plant engineering and project experience in coffee.
  • System elements specifically designed for coffee applications.
  • Various pneumatic, mechanical or combined conveying solutions available.
  • Proven reliability and operational efficiency

Coffee roasting equipment – A new dimension in flavor creation.
Whether for small, medium or large-scale operations – Bühler supports all coffee production and is on hand with the right roasting systems. Our roasters operate with batch sizes of 10 kg to 660 kg. The RoastMaster™ 20 was specifically designed for small capacities, yet provides fully-fledged process control software. 10-20min roasting time, flexible process, with air-to-bean ratio (ABR) – low, variable to a certain extent, Flexible multi-step roasting profile for great flavor generation, Fully variable burner, State-of-the-art process control system with user-friendly HMI, process control software,, monitoring, reporting and recipe management and Excellent connectivity.

Added value:

  • Maximum process flexibility using traditional or innovaitve non-standard roasting profiles.
  • High-performance profile roasting control for maximum quality consistency.
  • State-of-the-art automation and user-friendly user interfaces.
  • Superior saftey standards and maximum operational efficiency.

Flexible and robust grinding technology – Master your coffee particles size distribution.
For decades, Bühler has been setting industry standards in grinding as a global technology and market leader. Bühler grinding solutions combine optimal coffee powder brewing properties with superior operational excellence.

Grinding – GrindDefine™
Whether for one, two or three-stage grinding, the GrindDefine adapts to specific requirements. The sophisticated gap control ensures high-precision and consistent particle size distribution in the ground coffee, and therefore an optimum brewing process. Rapid roll exchange and easy cleaning result in superior operational efficiency.

Added value:

  • Global technology and market leader in grinding technology.
  • Consistent and precise particle size distributions for all applications.
  • Modular grinder set-up for cusomized solutions.
  • Superior operational efficiency and reliability; easy cleaning and maintenance

Global partner for turnkey engineered solutions – High-performance, customized production lines.
Every coffee factory is unique and requires customized processing solutions. Bühler plans, installs and automates complete coffee processing lines according to your requirements and puts them into operation.

Trust in Bühler engineering
Bühler has implemented a vast number of highperformance production systems across the globe. Leading multinational industrial companies have selected Bühler as their partner and put their trust in our expertise.

Added value:

  • One-stop engineering solutions.
  • Sophisticated concepts and technological solutions based on decades of process experience.
  • Complete, customized automation solutions.
  • Proven project planning and implementation experience in highly complex projets.


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