Art of Flowpack – Italian design in the packaging world

Cavanna is a leader in the flow pack wrapping systems field.

They design, produce and distribute worldwide automatic machines and turnkey systems for singlepack and multipack wrapping of food, pharmaceutical and non-food products – and offer integrated solutions for high technology plants: from distribution systems for bars or snacks to feeding of cookies or crackers, from automatic loaders to flow-pack wrappers to products ready for sale.

Cavanna’s extensive production range includes accumulating and buffering systems,  automatic horizontal and vertical loaders, horizontal flowpack wrapping machines and multiple axis manipulators used both in primary and secondary wrapping.

Today, the company is a leader in supplying solutions for handling products from the processing line to the completion of primary packaging.

Through their MIT Lab, Cavanna conducts research on new and innovative flow wrapping materials and on the environmental impact of waste recycling, with the aim of participating in research on the performance of new organic (especially biodegradable) materials.

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