Tablet Press Force Feed Die Fill

IMA Active combines the expertise of the German manufacturer Kilian, one of world’s leading producers of tablet press machines, and that of the highly innovative Comprima, a milestone in the history of this sector, which with the Synthesis represents state of the art technology in this field.

They offer high efficiency tableting systems with centrifugal or force feed die filling and different cleaning systems, from Wetting to Clean In Place. Some machines in the tablet press range are also suitable for non-pharma applications due to their high performance and ability to work in a heavy-duty industrial environment.


The Synthesis tablet presses combine a century of experience in force feed powder feeding and compression with the cleaning and isolation technologies. Easy handling is a hallmark of these machines.

Main Characteristics

  • Straightforward operations
  • Simple and fast product set-up
  • Reproducible quality
  • Operator friendliness
  • Robust construction
  • Interchangeable turret: quick removal in few simple steps.
  • Total isolation of compression and mechanical areas to guarantee black spot free tablets, increased running time, rapid cleaning, extended cam life, extended tooling life.
  • Excellent accessibility: the force feed fillshoe, the tablet chute and the compression rollers are fitted on a pivotal bearing and swung out very easily.
  • Optimisation of compression rollers wear and tear: they have a double width design and are reversible/interchangeable.
  • WET system available.
  • Suitable for bi-layer and core tablets.


The Advantech Plus deduster is a dedusting device for tablets and capsules that has been designed according to the latest GMP requirements. The machine is fitted with a large and modular spiral for maximum product care and all its internal parts can be easily dismantled by one single person and without tools.

The S250 Smart has been developed to enhance the concept of flexibility and automation of the proven S250 tablet press. This machine is well known for its robustness and reliability and combines established technology with the latest controls and an interchangeable turret.


Main Characteristics

  • Turret exchange: the upper machine head can be lifted to ease turret removal and allow access to the inner part of the press. This operation shortens the cleaning time and improves machine flexibility. The turret can be removed simply and quickly and can be swung out and positioned on a trolley.
  • Compact design: there is no external electrical cabinet as the electronic components are included in the machine housing as a result of which less space is required in the production room.
  • Automation: the entire press is operated via a modern touch screen control. The software has been designed in a simple and self explanatory manner, enabling operators to handle the machine efficiently and safely.
  • Modular packages: the machine is available in the Traditional, Classic and Prime versions. As standard each version includes a number og functions – each one with different options in order to satisfy market requirements.

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