Coffee Pod Machines

IMA CA1 represents the latest and most challenging innovation in the single dose coffee packaging sector, guaranteeing the highest efficiency together with the most compact machine layout and perfectly in line with IMA’s traditional concepts. IMA CA1 is a unique high speed machine able to produce soft pods in a single lane, counted, stacked and packed into a heat-sealed stand up bag.

The compact machine layout (4.3m) and the integration of all auxiliary units such as the pod counting and stacking unit, pack forming, filling and closing and weight checking guarantee at the same time the highest efficiency as well as simplified maintenance and improved user-friendliness of the machine itself. 
A remarkable saving in packaging material is also guaranteed. CA1 is equipped with a gas-flushing unit to introduce nitrogen into the pack during its forming process to avoid coffee oxidization. This system ensures a very low oxygen residue (<1%).

Coffee Pods (Soft)

Thanks to an advanced system for coffee dosing and compression, a homogeneous coffee distribution inside the pod and a great precision of its profile are guaranteed.
Furthermore, the product quality is guaranteed thank to a heat-sealed outer envelope that represents the greatest protection against product oxidization. The machine production cycle is then completed by an integrated, fully automatic, accessibile and adjustable cartoning unit.

The carton and count size change over can be performed easily and quickly, especially thank to the electronic count. 
The modular system on which the NEW CA3 design is based, is most evident in the easy connection with end of line packaging machines as alternative to the cartoning attachment. The whole production cycle is controlled and handled by an integrated PC that guarantees the correct machine operation and above all the final product quality.

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