Coffee Capsule Fillers

GIMA 590

The Gima 590 capsule filling machine can handle both injected and thermoformed capsules of different dimensions.

Both reliable and cost effective, the Gima 590 is designed for low production volumes. It’s a rotary machine with a compact footprint, thus ensuring a remarkable space saving.

The machine has the same technical solutions as of the well-known Gima 595 and can handle both injected and thermoformed capsules of different dimensions.

Easy cleaning operations are possible thanks to pull-out operating unit.On the machine, it is possible to dose products different from coffee, such as solubles and tea.

Coffee Capsule Filler

The GIMA 595-596 is an integrated capsule filling machine able to achieve a production speed of 480 capsules/minute with an extremely compact footprint.

595 – Filling and sealing machine

The 595-596 machine strikes a perfect balance between performance and practicality. The unique ergonomic cantilever design assures great accessibility for maintenance, service and easy cleaning, significantly reducing line downtimes. The entire production process can easily be monitored by a single operator with all the operations performed on the front side of the machine.

The modular construction concept allows high flexibility in achieving custom-made solutions for almost any kind of product and packaging material.

Thanks to its modular concept, in the case of injected plastic capsules with no need for modified atmosphere processing, the 595 filling and sealing machine alone can be offered with significant savings in terms of line footprint and overall investment.

596 module – Oxygen extraction unit

The 595 filling and sealing machine is, when required, tightly coupled with the 596 oxygen extraction module making it a convenient, compact single unit.

The great advantage of this solution is to gain as much dwell time as possible for oxygen removal, nitrogen gas flushing and final lid sealing operations.

On the 596 independently driven unit, there is plenty of time to gently extract the oxygen from the capsule so that, according to the application, very low residual oxygen levels are ensured, which means longer shelf-life, freshness and full flavour in every single serve capsule.

Another great innovation is represented by the design of the hermetic chamber where oxygen extraction, nitrogen gas flushing and final lid sealing operations take place. On the 596 module, this hermetic chamber has been shaped around the profile of the processed capsules to assure minimum inert gas consumption and still guarantee optimum machine accessibility.

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