Max Riner

Swiss Chocolate Moulds

Today Max Riner AG is among the world’s leading producers of premium Rilon® synthetic moulds.

The company was founded in Switzerland by Max Riner in 1944 and has been producing chocolate casting moulds for more than 60 years.

Thanks to many years of collaboration with customers, sales partners and plant manufacturers, Riner products are being used successfully in more than 60 countries around the world.

Their in depth knowledge of the global chocolate market enables them to offer valued support in the development and production of new and existing chocolate creations.

Rilon® chocolate casting moulds are renowned for their precision, surface evenness and longevity. The surface of chocolate bars, pralines or one of the countless figures leaves a lasting impression on customers. Max Riner products offer delicate structures, artistic decorations, brilliant gloss, noble trademarks or succinct logo’s.

Riner helps you give your brands and products a distinctive touch that enables them to be successfully positioned in the market. Allow yourself to be inspired by this diversity.

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